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HAP (From the Old-English meaning: luck, chance, happening.)

My diploma project at the University of the Arts Berlin.
Experiments on implementing randomness into design processes.


StarLET was part of my synopsis demonstrating simple but fascinating scripting.
It was inspired by this picture of a physicist analysing ion shots. Shoot ...

DesktopSEEDS is an online application in lingo script generating one-line drawings
of a plant branching out. The growth pattern is random. Plant a seed ...

ColouRANDOM really shows the impact of randomness on design
creating a set of randomly generated colour patches with RGB values
independent of personal favorites or current trends.
An impartial selection which the designer simply chooses from. Choose ...

SpiroGRAPH is a digitilized children’s toy. It has little to do with randomness
unless we realize that random algorithms are based on complexity.
And that the more complex the harder to predict. And that what we don't know
can surprise us. And that inspiration is there in the unknown. Try me ...

SpiroGRANDE takes the ornament a step further. Based on spiroGRAPH,
now only in a three-dimensional setting, a pen attached to a ball rotates around
a sphere. The process is not visual, but an ASCI-table of the "flights data"
is generated online. It then can be imported into calculation or CAD programs.
See examples or run program ...

BirdSERIES was a lucky mistake trying to figure out how to draw a radius. Fly ...

When trying to combine design and code one will have to learn about the principle
behind the bezier curve. And I had to find that the mathematical construction
is beautifully simple. BEZIER - a pearl silver necklace. Going out to Pierre’s wife ...

HapMIKADO is my latest and most complex random generator.
A black box plays a game of pick-up sticks and then covers the sticks
with a smooth skin made of a defined number of bezier curves.
See examples or start playing ...

RAY is based on randomized parametric modelling.
An XPresso script in Cinema4D creates a new variation every two seconds
and with it the construction data for manufacturing. Catch a ray ...