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Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann was an audio installation in collaboration with
the artist Uli Schuster during the project Belagerung Bartleby at the Hebbel
Theater Berlin
. We live recorded a reading from the book which we then played
back into the theatre space via speakers and re-recorded them
with a second computer. This was repeated 25 times and with the oscillation
of the architectural space transformed spoken words into an auditory atmosphere.
For a night the theatre by Oskar Kaufmann became an instrument.
The recordings of Bartleby speaks to Kaufmann were documented as follows:

01040421_0147h_two012:05Carpenter & Schuster
02040421_0252h_two022:05Carpenter & Schuster
03040421_0301h_two032:05Carpenter & Schuster
04040421_0305h_two042:05Carpenter & Schuster
05040421_0311h_two052:05Carpenter & Schuster
06040421_0319h_two062:05Carpenter & Schuster
07040421_0324h_two072:06Carpenter & Schuster
08040421_0329h_two082:06Carpenter & Schuster
09040421_0336h_two092:05Carpenter & Schuster
10040421_0343h_two102:06Carpenter & Schuster
11040421_0348h_two112:06Carpenter & Schuster
12040421_0352h_two122:06Carpenter & Schuster
13040421_0356h_two132:06Carpenter & Schuster
14040421_0401h_two142:06Carpenter & Schuster
15040421_0410h_two152:06Carpenter & Schuster
16040421_0414h_two162:07Carpenter & Schuster
17040421_0419h_two172:06Carpenter & Schuster
18040421_0423h_two182:05Carpenter & Schuster
19040421_0427h_two192:06Carpenter & Schuster
20040421_0432h_two202:07Carpenter & Schuster
21040421_0438h_two212:07Carpenter & Schuster
22040421_0441h_two222:07Carpenter & Schuster
23040421_0444h_two232:06Carpenter & Schuster
24040421_0448h_two242:06Carpenter & Schuster
25040421_0451h_two252:07Carpenter & Schuster